Pep Band


2nd Marking Period
 3rd Marking Period

12-1-17 GBB vs Farwell

 1-23-18 GBB vs Swan Valley
 12-15-17 GBB vs Roscommon  1-31-18 BBB vs Roscommon
 1-4-18 BBB vs Clare  2-8-18 GBB vs Clare
 1-11-18 BBB vs Beaverton  2-14-18 BBB vs Ogemaw Heights
 2-22-18 GBB vs Beaverton
 2-27-18 BBB vs John Glenn

To count for student choice you must have no unexcused absences (see handbook) from a performance during the marking period.

To earn a point toward you letter you must attend all performances from both marking periods.