Percussion Project

The Gladwin instrument inventory has not been upgraded in well over 15 years. While the instruments have been well maintained they are showing their age and are becoming more expensive to maintain. We have started a fund raising project to upgrade some of our equipment. For this project we have chosen to focus on upgrading the percussion section. The marching percussion instruments that we are currently using are well beyond their useful life and there are some concert percussion instruments that we do not currently own.

Percussion Project for Web SiteThe purchase plan includes 3 Marching Snare Drums, 1 set of Marching Tenor Drums and 4 Marching Bass Drums. This purchase will also include cases, stadium stands, and carriers for all instruments.In addition to the Marching Band equipment, the purchase plan also includes a Marimba and a Vibraphone for the Concert Bands. These are instruments that we currently do not own. When we need one we are currently borrowing from other schools for performances. As you can imagine this makes rehearsals very difficult because our students don’t have the equipment to practice with in class.

The total cost of the project is approximately $25,000. We have a plan for raising this money over a 5 year period; which includes dinners, raffles, small business sponsor-ships and large corporate grant applications.

Phase one was completed over the summer with the Ultimate Raffle project. Thanks to some very generous support we were able to raise enough money to make the first payment. Because of this the equipment has been ordered. The drumline equipment has arrived and the marimba and vibraphone should be here soon. We still need to raise about $19000 to complete this project so there will be some more projects coming up. Stay tuned for more information.

If you would like to make a donation to this project or help out in any way please contact Ed Falls.

Thank You for your support of our program!